Trailers for Animals

If you are a landscaper or work in construction, chances are you have a trailer that you take with you to job sites. In this trailer is everything you need to do your job, the tools, the supplies and any odd shaped object that is hard to transport any other way. Trailers are safe on the road, many can be locked up at night, and there are many different kinds from those with no roof to those with slatted sides or those that look like a board with wheels, but they all serve their purpose well.

But what if you want to move animals? If you’re a farmer, a horse owner, a breeder, or work in any other animal related occupations, you may need to transport animals from point A to point B. Animals, unlike humans won’t be happy piling into the back of a station wagon or soccer mom van, so here we have a predicament.

This is when a trailer comes in, and of course there are trailers that are designed specifically for hauling animals, whether you are taking them to a vet appointment or to a show, doing a short haul or a long trip.

The most popular option for livestock is the stock trailer. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but all do one thing and that is move animals. Most have partially slatted sides that allow air to get in and make it more comfortable for the animals, and some have solid tops whereas some have a soft top, this depends on what part of the country you live in and what the weather conditions are like where you live. You don’t want your animals getting too hot or too cold on the trip.

Likewise, the flooring is different with different trailers. If the flooring is wooden you’ll usually see rubber mats on top of it as wet wood does get slippery and becomes dangerous for the livestock. Some newer ones have rubber flooring options that are easier for the animals to be on for long periods. Add a ramp for ease of entry and exit and you have a livestock trailer that is humane enough to transport cattle, horses, sheep or whatever you need to haul easy and effectively. If you have new land to move your herd to, if you have a big competition coming up or if you just need to get that herd from point A to point B, you need a trailer.

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